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Saigon, Mosul Or Suez?

/ August 27, 2021

Situated at the gateway between Asia and Europe, Afghanistan has a long and unfortunate history of domination and strife by foreign conquerors and internally warring factions.

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Behind China’s Corporate Clampdown

/ July 30, 2021

Increased regulatory pressures from the Chinese government have created wild swings in Chinese equities of-late. Technology and education stocks have been hit hardest, as investors have weighed a series of announcements from Beijing aimed at increasing oversight in a wide range of sectors.

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Is It Gold’s Turn to Shine?

/ June 4, 2021

For several years, Evergreen’s weekly publication of Likes/Dislikes has maintained gold and gold-mining stocks in our “Likes” category. However, despite our long-term conviction, at times we have conceded that the asset class looked overextended and, thus, advised some profit taking and rebalancing.

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