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  1. Alex Evanochko says:

    I, for one, applaud and cheer the British for giving the elites the one-fingered salute! I admire the courage shown by ordinary people who are fed up and have said “Enough is enough!”. I fear, however, that this momentary victory may be usurped by the Powers that be. I also wonder if those in charge, who are now contemplating an end run around the Brexit result, fully comprehend what they are musing? If they want civil war, all they need to do is annul the results!! Like the Chinese curse says, we all now live in interesting times…

  2. Randall Heather says:

    Anatole: The opinion polls shortly before the Referendum were actually quite clear but the markets and “expert opinion” refused to believe them. The last three on-line polls released on June 22nd had Leave ahead by 1%, 2% and a dead heat.

    The market recklessly moved upward in the period before the vote and the pound touched $1.50, which all served to exaggerate the relative decline after the results became known. From June 13th to 24th the pound fell by only 4.3%, hardly a collapse, and the FTSE 100 was up by 1.6%.

  3. Simon Maughan says:

    Congratulations to Tyler for nailing the sentiments of the UK middle classes who have just voted for Brexit. We have had enough of tax and spend, enough of falling take home pay and enough of fearing that our children will have lives less prosperous than our own. Most of all however, we have had enough of zero interest rates and debasement of our pensions. The social contract is that we pay the government what we can in return for security and the promise of a better life. That security is through savings. The contract has been broken.

    We know that leaving the EU is not going to address our fundamental concerns. Yet this was the only vote we were getting, especially after the last general election returned a government to control public spending, and delivered one that has done the opposite. We are rebels through desperation not design.

    A note of caution to Charles. The winning margin of the referendum was small enough for the losers, who are normally society’s winners, to deny there is a mandate for change. The powers behind the throne that Thatcher fought against have outlasted her, and already they are working on restitution. Keep an eye on the arcane subject of passporting rights for UK banks, for this is the toehold through which access to the single market will look to be retained. In return, the UK in exiting will accept many of the conditions it has sought to leave behind, in defiance of an electoral majority.

    We are about to find out who rules.

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