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  1. Another excellent report – I agree on EMP – from years ago – when I see a graph of some variable showing variance and ‘reversion to mean’ I am not satisfied with idea well things always revert to mean – i want to know Causes of the deviation – the causes are external perturbations – for instance when observations of a planet showed it was sometimes ahead and some time behind its expected orbit location a search was made to find the perturbation. The question is not about return to mean but variance from it. Currently reading Economic warfare by Ziad Abdelnour – written in 2012 before the election – I bet he would have very interesting comments today – and reading Henry Kaufman – Tectonic shifts in financial markets – also relevant to today -best wishes

  2. And how much of those corporate profits are the result of financial engineering – and taking out loans to buy back stock? And what is going to happen to both the stock prices and the earnings when interest rates rise to the point where cash flow is not adequate to support paying off debt and they flood the market with new (recycled) stock issuances?

  3. Alex Evanochko says:

    I have two comments to make. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree, but Aren’t the massive share buybacks skewing the Earnings per share ratios thus causing the eps to be fraudulently larger than GDP? What was that saying by Mark Twain about “lies, damned lies and statistics”? And Two, You damned right that “there’s something wrong with Capitalism” It’s called meddling by Central Bank! How on Earth is someone suppose to value a share when the CBs have destroyed the valuation mechanism? How do business people do business when Government Regulators have legislated obstruction after obstruction after obstruction? No wonder Trump et. al. have risen to prominence!

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