The Case for Greenflation

/ November 5, 2021

In this week’s EVA, we are running a special podcast edition of David Hay’s recent interview on MacroVoices with hedge fund manager, Erik Townsend. The conversation shines the spotlight on a phrase coined by Dave, “Greenflation”, but also touches on stocks, precious metals, and more.  For time-pressed EVA recipients, below is a summary of Dave’s key comments, basically an abbreviated transcript.

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Green energy: A bubble in unrealistic expectations?

/ October 8, 2021

As I have written in past EVAs, it amazes me how little of the intense inflation debate in 2021 centered on the inflationary implications of the Green Energy transition.  Perhaps it is because there is a built-in assumption that using more renewables should lower energy costs since the sun and the wind provide “free power”.

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The DNA of a Successful Client

/ October 1, 2021

Every Monday at 9 AM, we gather to discuss feedback we’re hearing both internally and externally. Often it is full of cross currents. Some people are nervous, while others feel like they should be taking more risks.

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The Anti-Bubble Years (Part II)

/ September 10, 2021

Returning back to the question that opened last week’s EVA, why, for nearly 40 years, was I almost always bullish to very bullish on bonds?  The cut-to-the-chase reason was that interest rates were largely positive even after inflation for most of that timeframe. 

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