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  1. Alex Evanochko says:

    To Mr. Jeff Dicks,
    The advice you received re: happy wife = happy life is true beyond words. If you adhere to such knowledge, you are truly a wise man. I speak for all married men, everywhere!!

  2. Christer sigmundt says:

    Thank you for interesting reading – eye opening comments.

  3. Don Braswell says:

    While I think your predictions are correct, I also think you should address the potential upside / downside tail events? Upside: Our stock market could be a repeat of Japan circa 1987-1989? The NIKKEI ran from a really overvalued 25,000 to an insanely overvalued 40,000 before it crashed to earth. The US market can probably that stupid as well (something about staying irrational longer than we can stay solvent). Downside: The market has historically been flat for the next decade with p/e multiples this high. Its even more likely this go-around due to debt, number of retiring baby boomers, pension funds, and already high valuations… Thanks!

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