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  1. Alan Winterbotham says:

    Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. I really enjoy reading your stuff.
    Alan Winterbootham


    Thank you. Would you be preparing a table showing your predictions for 2016 as done for 2015? If so ,will appreciate receiving one.


    Jay Chakrabarty

  3. Erwin Böckler says:

    Thank-you for a very balanced, thought-provoking article.

  4. john draper says:

    Just before Figure 9 the paraphrasing of one of Fed member Fischer’s options “eliminate the availability of a physical currency to prevent saving” raised the hair on the back of my neck. Apparently Fischer has observed the zero interest rates are not nearly powerful enough to discourage saving and therefore draconian measures must be imposed to “prevent” saving. For this to be an effective RX for savings prevention, would it not be necessary to again make it illegal to own gold?

    Kudos for perhaps the best EVA in recent years!

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