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  1. I have to abstain on the Big Vote. Mr K writes brilliantly but is usually wrong and Mr Cave is too pessimistic about a Daddy Bear market. I think it is just a weak market but agree it could be for several years.

  2. Too much fun right now in. Low cap stocks.
    Too many young people, who don’t remember the 1970s.

    There, let’s have a rally, And, oh boy, have the sell in May, and go away be right this year!

    By the way, just bought my first India, AES, LOOKING AT INXX, What else, IFN.

    Regards, john PERRIS

  3. Ed Ryan says:

    We are in a sovereign debt crisis bigger than any before. Currency wars and QE wars will rise leading to many nation’s collapse. In the meantime the U.S. Dollar and the U.S. are perceived “Safe Havens”.

    Thus we will see big moves both up and down in the U.S. Markets while the rest of the world suffers collapse.

    When? No One Knows.

    Opportunity rests in the U.S. which could suffer a 50% loss which is far better than a 100% loss. Gold cannot save you. Silver, as an industrial metal used in Medicine and Solar has a slim chance.

    Thus, I disagree with Evergreen’s “Likes” but rather like solid U.S. Companies whose business is U.S. based with little to no foreign exposure. There are many but they require “homework” to find. Today many foreign investors seek U.S. share offerings that they can get a certificate in to put into a safe place. This is seen by some as better than cash in the long run.

    When a “Debt Bubble” pops it always results in a DEPRESSION>

  4. Carmen Maynard says:

    Here in South Africa we talk about the need for the Cape Doctor, a south easter wind that clears the air (and disease in the old days) over Cape Town after a hot, windless spell. The longer the windless period, the stronger the need for a severe or extended Cape Doctor. I fear Anatole will be right in the short term as central banks continue to resist the Doctor. But Charles has investment truth on his side. A short, sharp return to “normal” valuations would clear the air but Ursus Grandus seems more likely to prevail than Ursus Veloxius.

  5. David Dunn-Rankin says:

    Thanks for the insightful and articulate commentary both ways. I would be curious for each person the percentage they believe they are right. It is 55% that we are in a cub bear market and 45% in daddy bear is more helpful to me than just saying I think we are in a cub bear or vice versa.

  6. Ed Drake says:

    Please continue sharing your insights on the market…a tremendous improvement the past months. Previous articles from the company’s CEO were self indulging and lacked impartiality. I left your company as all I heard was fixed income and gloom. With all the negative interviews and comments it became difficult to remain even slightly positive. The most recent bulletins the past few months readl much better than the throw more dirt on the coffin comments the earlier months/ years.
    Thank you…and I am sharing.

  7. Jeff Harp says:

    I voted for Charles. Anatole’s comments about “US deficit and the Euro crisis” being forgotten is the reason. While those issues may have been forgotten, neither problem has been solved nor have any reasonable steps been taken to begin to resolve them. That being said, as long as the US can continue to borrow money, the charade can go on.

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