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  1. Alex Evanochko says:

    The most disturbing part of this EVA was the chart on M&A. It instantly reminded me of the chart of the stock market from 1925 to 1929. We all know how that party ended. With all the M&A being funded by junk bond money (funny money???), will this party end the same way, or will Janet et. al. magically float this party forever? Hmmmm, I wonder…..

  2. Larry Dunbar, PhD says:

    What is the difference between a $2500 parachute drop and the following?
    A guy goes to the hills and works for a short while to mine $2500 in gold. He then sells the gold to the government and gets $2500 in currency. The government put the gold in an under ground vault. The result is $2500 is placed in circulation and the gold is returned to the earth.

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