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  1. People make the mistake of taking Trump at his word. He has never been consistent or reliable. We have no idea of what Trump would do if elected. All efforts at trying to say what Trump would do if elected are a waste of time. Besides, he likely won’t get elected — so we will have to deal with Clinton’s elitism, favoritism of the rich, and warmongering.

  2. Lionel Sterling says:

    Until I read this post, I had nothing but the highest respect for the intellect of the founders of GaveKal. The emotionalism and willing to take at face value the rhetoric off the campaign trail, is sophomoric, at best, particularly from Anatole. Gavekal founders should know the difference between campaign rhetoric and sober minded decision making in the real world. Just the same as Hillary C will become more centrist, if she is elected, D Trump will become more practical. Hillary Clinton is dishonest and has overall very low ethical standards, Donald Trump is much too egocentric and can’t keep focused. Neither one of them deserve to be president, but personally, I don’t think the Gavekal Founder’s debate shed any light on the real situation, and I think Anatole out did Trump in his his characterization of Trump. For shame Anatole! Sure the election results will probably produce extra market volatility for a short time until the realization sets in that a quick and dramatic change in US policy by a new president who has such low citizen acceptance as both candidats have, will not be known for some time (And Oh, by the way, what about the institutions of Congress and the Supreme Court’s willingness to step aside in order for the new President to be declared reigning monarch? I do not forsee that happening too readily). Lionel Sterling

  3. The discussion reveals that experts far more knowledgeable than me have no consensus on such a complex mess of interacting variables. But to look at the larger picture – are we pro business? If so how to compare one of the most anti-business presidents in history and who has a record low number of experienced business people in his cabinet and tsars with a fellow with the experience of a PhD in business who will hire business people – and Clinton is a clone of Obama on that. Or do we believe that practical business folk – real business – not financial speculators and derivative jockeys – don’t want a government that would favor business.

  4. Curious Mayhem says:

    Bingo, bingo, and bingo. Even if GaveKal is incoherent this week, its readers have outdone themselves in the comments section.

  5. I had pegged David as an informed observer, but his description of the Columbian referendum result puts him firmly in the out-of-touch liberal elite camp. When justice triumphs over peace, this shows that the peace could not have held, and it is a victory for human values, not a defeat. Even if it were not, it is time to start respecting the results of democratic referenda, even if they disrupt the status quo and cause inconvenience to our financial institutions, and squirming at polite dinner parties.

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