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  1. Philip Binder says:

    I am surprised you still like GOLD – with a stronger US$ Gold should be falling sharply and has already done so, the same must be valid for many bond and bond like instruments with sharp raising interest rates they will fall and have done so just these days – such as BBN which has dropped like a meteor, as for gold stocks – GGN is a good example down today 8 + % !!! But in general I do agree with your assumptions – sadly a few days too late our portfolio got crushed between gold and gold shares and a large list of bond like ETF’s and closed and funds – all down 10 % plus – I must say I was taken by surprise by the velocity of the bond market reversal raising in a matter of days from 1.3 to over 2 % is unbelievable – PAIN – PAIN so much PAIN

  2. All logically drawn conclusions assuming a homogeneous US work-force population over time. Why ignore the movements of this gorilla in the room which are fully capable of overwhelming all of these conclusions?

  3. Moshe Miller says:

    It seems to me that a significant piece of Trump’s economic plan will include defunding departments like the EPA and requiring zero line budgeting from most other departments and justification for every dollar requested. That could trim billions from the budget which could then be used to pay down the debt etc..

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