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  1. Stewart Simpson says:

    I would be interested in your opinion on the effect on the foreign banking system of the withdrawal of these funds. Thank you for generosity in sharing your newsletter.

    I wish you a safe and prosperous New Year.

  2. Rene Fritz says:

    My Thoughts: I understand your comment about “your clients” feeling regarding the move away from government control of our lives and back toward what made this country great. The Left Coast and upper East Coast (San Fran and NY) are where the two people who control the House and Senate Democrat side, live. They need to protect their hand out liberal voting base. So we shall have some issues with them!

    However, the main reason I voted and told all of my clients and friends to vote for Trump and Republicans is to 1- GIVE US A Court system that keeps our rights (supreme court and lower courts) and leave the writing of laws to the congress. If we had moved more Socialist and Communist all would have been lost for my children and grand children due to liberal court rulings. We now have a chance to keep what our founders and military have fought and died for. Now we need to define what that means for our investments and how best and where to place our money. We (Sharyn and I) have missed the market moves waiting for a crash or ?? Now we need to define how to make some more money than 4-5% or less. Maybe I need to move into real estate lending for owner occupied firms or ?? — Rene

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