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  1. Alex Evanochko says:

    Mr. Hay, thank you for your column. You and Mr. Bentley are right on a great many points. I would add the following: how can a person expect a reset in the markets when the Keynsian central banks refuse to allow them to function normally? Like Messieur Bentley states, BUG has not allowed capitalism to function in any normal state whatsoever. You also need not apologize for being human. We all have our beliefs, quirks and foibles, and while I find your intellectual offerings to be salient, that you denigrate yourself seems endearing and unnecessary. You are pretty far from being a financial Bon Vievant. You express sentiments which echo those of a great many thinkers. Your thinking reflects the thinking of such people as John Mauldin, Grant Williams, Raoul Pal, Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Dr. Lacy Hunt, Mr. Jim Grant, Danielle DiMartino-Booth and numerous others who see what is transpiring and are calling into question the shenanigans that pass for policy both at the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Government! Thus, if I were you, Mr. Hay, I would stop questioning capitalism and start questioning the people who are making policy and seeking to bend the system to their own advantage. Unfortunately, if the system has any chance of returning to normal, it must undergo a very cleansing enema which I’m afraid means a very nasty market correction!

  2. Steve Luce says:

    I would agree that capitalism has not been allowed to function but would add that not only is BUG to blame but also the corruption of our institutions. Big money buys lobbyists and congressional members to get laws that they want passed. Some regulations serve to improve the moat for established companies or enhance the wealth of the ruling class. Also, because we have the best government money can buy, there frequently aren’t criminal consequences for bad behavior. We have a corrupt system and, so far, no leadership in sight that would change it.

  3. GHB says:

    well what about the rest of us that are trying to invest $1M+. We don’t see these returns. Sorry if I don’t have tons of money to invest and see $500,000.00 in return.

  4. John Draper says:

    As a politically reasoned statement Bentley’s piece was of infinitely greater value than that of Anatole.

  5. Jim Howard says:

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  6. Jim Howard says:

    Spot on

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