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  1. Hi Dave
    a ‘single event’ surely you are not thinking of the election of a Republican – heaven forbid that Krugman would let that influence him

  2. david says:

    Resource stocks keep outperforming. Thank China for that. Maybe infrastructure projects will add to the demand.

  3. Curious Mayhem says:

    Hah! Why -does- anyone take Krugman seriously? Whereas we should be taking DiMartino Booth very seriously.

    But seriously: the Fed cannot raise rates further without dramatically shrinking its balance sheet, not without creating serious problems in the money (repo, currency and currency swap, etc.) markets. The Fed is now waking up to this fact and in a difficult conundrum of its own making.

    See, for example:

  4. Jim Howard says:

    Time to short the Dow and S&P???

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