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  1. Dave Clarke says:

    I look forward to your weekly report very much. I was thinking that it might be very helpful if occasionally if you could dedicate a report on why you like what you like and why you don’t like other investments. So with today’s terrific letter for example I don’t see why Mexican stocks would be liked or Emerging Bonds. Anyway just a thought.
    Thanks for your consideration of my note.

  2. HI – Just a sec. I am confused
    Reading Charles Gave’s essay I conclude that he means the US dollars held overseas due to trade defect are converted into US Treasuries which are then held overseas and become the financial reserve of those banks in expanding credit overseas – that is the second of the double pyramids. But in your comment you indicate that the Treasuries thus created are ‘available’ to expand credit IN the US. Moreover, when other countries then borrow from those banks in dollar terms they are setting themselves up to trouble. just wondering – john sloan

  3. John perris says:

    Have we ever loaned money to a foreign country to save them from a recession? Would the Fedbborrow another trillion for this solution. lOL.

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