1. Carmen Maynard says:

    Gold shares have been as much as 40% of the South African index (1980’s) and were the bane of the lives of fund managers like me at the time. today gold makes up low single digits of the index. The Germans and Swiss used to keep 10% of portfolio assets in Gold in the sixties and seventies because they remembered the weimar republic and barter value of gold when all else fails. those days are gone in the western world. john maynard keynes’ ‘barbarous relic’ is seldom needed but when the sticky brown stuff hits the fan there is nothing like it. Start investing modestly if you are a sceptic. but start. Fiat anything is becoming more suspect by the day. yes there will be an opportunity cost before things reset but to traverse investment markets these days without gold insurance seems a bit like travelling abroad without health insurance.

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