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  1. John perris says:

    mG, he is right. I was going to buy the Ag commod DBA.
    A COUPLE OF WEEK LATER it isUp 3 per cent.

    With gold at 1/8 th of portfolio, it is time to buy hard Assets, Assets. And move to Argentina if I was 40 years younger.

  2. For those of us running equity mandates, this is a difficult pill to swallow — what would you propose, Evergreen? Pay up for the best financed companies in stable industries relying on domestic demand?

  3. This is so good. Thanks for sharing. Also Ben’s follow up to this note is called ‘Welcome to the Jungle” and it too is a brilliant if discomforting article.

  4. ray aronson says:

    You wrote “…the leading US presidential candidates are spewing copious amounts of anti-free trade rhetoric.”

    All the Free Trade Agreements were not about trade – they were purposely designed to offshore U.S. Production to developing countries. The presidential candidates, especially D. Trump, have not expressed anti-free trade; they have simply expressed the notion to bring jobs back to America that were destroyed by these misnamed trade agreements. Similar to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – it had nothing to do with patient protection and it certainly has been proven to be not affordable.

    Reading Ben Hunt’s article, I noticed he said the same thing – perhaps you got it from him.

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