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  1. Alan Winterbotham says:

    The lot that sold for $995,000 does not look like Palo Alto to me.Where is it?

    1. Curious Mayhem says:

      Maybe EPA?

  2. I am afraid I came down on the side of SELL, SELL. Why, I reviewed the Ford Value Report, which has helped at both bottom and top.
    Yes, I can see ten cent more gain befor a top, but my review did not find many buys. So, since 70 PC of market moves are the movement of the entire market I plan to sell into the ten PC move up, then wait a few years.

  3. The idea that money printing is cost-free flies in the face of history. The author is advised to read up on John Law. Where is the inflation, you ask? Follow the money trail. It is in Wall Street, the City of London etc. It is in high-end real estate, US stocks, global sovereign bonds, all the usual suspects. The first ones to receive money fresh off the central banks’ collective printing presses always love it and need some academic guise such as this article to hide behind. Also, inflation doesn’t get captured by CPI statistics compiled by those who stand to benefit from the number they print. The real world is quite different from the one revealed by your statistics.

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