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  1. John perris says:

    We don’t build nuclear power due to old time politics, GE gas turbines, lots of current short term analysis. Also, an uneducated public.
    While China does, not by staring at cost, but by preventing uprisings due to pollution.

    China is using empathy. We use regulations and public commissions, and ROI.

  2. Good thinking piece – I highly recommend – Salim Ismail book – exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours and what to do about it. This gives details on the same theme discussed here
    Geoffrey Ingham – The nature of Money – so much of comment discussion on finance today is about ‘debt’ – it should be about ‘credit’. and it should be based on a very different concept of what ‘money’ really is and what it does.

  3. Anon101 says:

    As much as I would love to be optimistic about the future of America, it is difficult to be so. We already have 94 million people not in the work force today. We simply do not need as many people to create our output as we did in the past. People are chronically underemployed. Now imagine what the jobs of the future will look like. Imagine what kinds of skills those jobs will require. Now go down to your local Walmart and tell me how those people will fare in tomorrow’s economy. I’m sure there will be countless revolutionary discoveries made in all areas of life. But who will be able to afford them?

  4. Jean-Michel Gauthier says:

    Superb article
    I have still some unlearning to do
    Any ETFs that could capture some of this? Apart from QQQ anyway?

  5. Nicklas says:

    On the subject of people bragging about their investments you might be interested in looking into Swedish stocks, mostly small and mid cap. There is a lot of new “rich” people and people in facebook groups looking for the next ten bagger. Aperently everybody is making money and the stock market is so easy.

    Thanks for a great read!

  6. Doug Cleland says:

    Hi David,
    The Jordi Visser article has given me much food for thought. Thanks for bringing my attention to it. Sitting at the tip of Africa one is familiar with Rwanda. But mostly via the linear mindset.
    Question: In your Do Not Like side of recommendations Small Cap and mid-cap Value are included as well as Small Cap Growth.
    I wonder if that also generally includes Emerging Markets?
    Best wishes,

  7. John Perris says:

    Oregon minimum wage has gone up 4.5% each year since since 1935.

    We will need machines that can take of the old folks.
    Especially since SS went up,$.00 this year after medical Part B. While senior places are raising rates 3% a year.

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