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  1. Alex Evanochko says:

    OY VAY!!!

  2. Curious Mayhem says:

    mmt is not a theory, and it’s not even modern. it’s an old piece of quackery that has gained some currency here in the us only because the us possesses the world’s reserve currency and can pressure foreigners into buying a boatload of us-denominated debt, up to a point. in no other country is even a possibility, and mmt is not a description or prescription for any real economy. it would destroy the credibility of central banks and currencies.

    it’s painful to read a supposedly serious site like this one proposing this in good faith. here is a better discussion of mmt:

    (SCroll down for “turtles all the way down,” a discussion of “QE Forever and ad infinitum.”)

    The era when developed country governments could commit and spend with abandon isn’t dawning … it’s about to end.

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