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  1. Don says:

    It would be interesting to see these charts with the representative P/E ratios, and then compare the P/E ratios and prices to the Nikkei 225 from 1980 – 1989… Where the Nikkei “values” peaked at about 40 P/E, and their price was about 20,000 in 1987 and reached their apex of 39,800 in 1989. Those P/E’s and prices are eerily similar to the Dow Jones average of 21,000 in 2017 Perhaps heading to 39,800 in 2019… Just saying, the market can not only stay stupid for a long time, but it can get downright retarded…

  2. Jose Roberto Vazquez says:

    “Pop Quiz: Does that chart look either:

    a) sustainable or;
    b) something which will correct ‘quietly’

    Yeah. I don’t think so either.”

    You could add:

    c) Inflation is higher than reported and, thus, the peaks are not so far away when adjusted by inflation… They probably remain apart, nevertheless.

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