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  1. Jeff Harbaugh says:

    my preferred way of consuming your excellent contenT is by reading it. An any chance to get a transcript?

    1. Michael Johnston says:

      Thank you for your comment – we appreciate your interest in EVA. At Evergreen Gavekal, we’re committed to finding alternative ways for EVA readers to consume our content. But we also want you to understand our new podcast is meant to augment our traditional EVA – not replace it. The regular full-length newsletter will continue to run on a regular basis.

  2. David dunn-Rankin says:

    Love it. Thank you

  3. Excellent first podcast, have subscribed in podcast Addict and will be waiting for more. Try to make the volume a little bit higher on the next recording.

    Louis touched on things that I did not know before, and I follow China and the Asian markets daily. Plus the interview had a very sincere, human feeling to it. I’ve been curious about gavekal for 15 years, and now after the HK seminar last week and this podcast, you are top shelf in our office. Keep it up and subscriber growth will follow! Would love to hear more about Asian fixed income and currency/gold events..

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