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  1. I Have recently read that major banks are decreasing the number of branch banks — thus decreasing the need for tellers, both robots and people.

    People buy fewer items as they age and gather more “stuff” in their house — or rented storage units. Also less is purchased as personal taxes increase.

    People in the 50’s — early 60’s age range often can not obtain another similar paid position if laid off — they simply fall through the cracks and are not counted in the unemployment stats.

    as the country moves deeper into the digital and instant communication age — newspAPERS AND MAGAZINES STRUGGLE TO FIND READERS / PURCHASERS FOR THEIR PRODUCTS. some AUTHORS AND EDITORS ARE “PUT OUT TO PASTURE”.

  2. curious mayhem says:

    thanks for publishing this! Nice to puncture the hype.

    If robots really were taking over, you’d see it in the investment and productivity statistics. you see nothing at all like it.

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