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  1. Austin says:

    I am no economist. but I find it distasteful that the above article failed to mention boisterous states such as California and new York that promote social programs, and lack of mention of failed states such as Kentucky which promote a trickle-down, libertarian policy focus.

    I also chuckled when the Venezuela and it’s oil supply was mentioned. what is the price of oil? sub $50 still? is it a disappointment Venezuela, one of the most corrupt societies on the planet, was not able to exploit oil to the like of oil sheikhs of the middle east (who are as far removed as considered ‘saints’)? the comparison of a country such a Venezuela is about as useful as comparing the nutritional value of a dozen oreos for dinner to a wonderful meal of green beans and a sizzling filet.

    * caps was locked. This an error?

  2. David Frankel says:

    It seems to me that the premise of Mr. Gave’s article is disproved by the data it contains. The largest increase in GDP is that of Sweden, as shown by the first set of graphs. Sweden grew by 2.5%, beating out all the other countries shown. However, government spending in Sweden was last recorded in 2016 at 50.0 percent of GDP . Government spending to GDP in Sweden averaged 55 percent from 1993 until 2016. This is more in line with France than the UK, and goes counter to the argument in the article.

    The second highest growth rate — higher than Britain or Canada — was posted by the USA, at 2.07%. Both Britain and Canada have a lower percentage of government spending to GDP than does the U.S. How does this square with the idea that government spending as a percentage of GDP is responsible for lower growth rates?

    Far from the cause and effect claimed by Gave, the data argues against the idea that government spending as a percentage of GDP explains the performance of different economies. I would add that this makes sense on a different level as well, since it reduces complex economic interrelations to a simplistic model. Would that the real world was so easy to understand!

  3. Jim says:

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