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  1. bruce T paulson says:

    “The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand.”

    They don’t understand their climate change models, either

  2. kirk clements says:

    I am from the government and I am here to help

    any provider that hurts its customers will soon end up being hurt by those providers that choose not to hurt their customers
    – let the market do its job

  3. john says:

    If Netflix raised its streaming rates by $2 a month in May 2014, and then Obama regulations came along in 2015 to “save the day,” what happened to netflix rates? If your persuasive arguments are correct, then rates should have come back down. I don’t think that OCCURRED, do you?

  4. Bruce Taylor says:

    Why should I subsidize your Netflix usage when I pay the same price for internet usage but only use 1/100 of your bandwidth?

  5. Richard Noffsinger says:

    Is NN a solution in search of a problem?

    If overturning NN is catastrophic, what specifically are the prognosticators predicting will happen?
    Should we expect the demise of Etsy, AirBnB and Foursquare, along with what, 10% of the startups due to the unjust treatment by ISPs?

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