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  1. Peter Gartman says:

    Per China and Gold: What Are the implications of banning new consumer purchases of gold?

  2. Don Braswell says:

    Is it time for a “McNEELY report” on FANGXYZ? Economics, like politics, is driven by a narrative. The dominant narrative (Buy fang! then Buy more fang!) of today is (a) probably wrong, and (b) probably bad for america in the long run.
    So, what is the ratio for these stocks? Google/Alphabet and facebook already have a large size of the advertising budget. Can they realistically double, triple this amount? because Mcdonald’s only has so many advertising dollars, and that amount is probably decreasing.
    netflix / tesla have astronomical p/E, and a limited market. It appears that only apple, microsoft, and amazon can grow their markets – and only amazon can get a significantly bigger piece of the pie… Just curious…

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