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  1. Kelly E Brant says:

    It seems thatThe type in your letters is too hard to see as it is too faint, a light gray that does not contrast well WITH the background and that makes reading, at least on my phone, a chore instead of a pleasure. Regards.

  2. Bob johnston says:

    I would love to see the actual performance of your reCommendations starting with your initial recommendation date. There is lots of room on the right side of your lIstings—use it!

  3. John Morelli says:

    I would like to see a brief comment providing rationale for some of the likes.
    For example what about Mexican stocks do you like ?
    any particular sectors?
    Is the peso undervalued?
    Are equity prices suppressed due to political uncertainty (NAFTA) that you expect will be favorably resolved?
    growth prospects?

    Thank You

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