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  1. eric kraus says:

    What the good professor misses is that the Chinese are quite right. The West, inc. is not so great – certainly not nearly so great as it imagines itself to be.
    The us political system is a shambles – the most recent presidential election was an acute embarrassment – a doddering 77-year old against…trump.
    The health care delivery system is strictly third-world, indeed, what such superpowers as malaysia and mexico have managed – a universal health care system – is apparently out of reach in the us, the only developed country actually seeing a decline in most quality-of-life indices, including longevity.
    what is there for china to emulate? Take the handling of covid – china currently has about 17 cases a day – the us – 147,000 (CDC). the social welfare system? the system of criminal justice? please!
    china had a bit of a complex vis a vis the west. the little brother syndrome. That is at an end. the US-centric planet is at an end. we are in an era of competing systems. if the americans think that theirs is superior, so be it. let them provide some sort of demonstration of that superiority. the scenes of despair and squalor i recently witnessed on the streets of san francisco suggest that the reality is otherwise.

  2. I got lost when you write “It didn’t feel totalitarian… ” So you thought the students had won the battle of Tinnamen Square? Having a hard time grasping anyone with your education could come to that conclussion. Heck I never got out of communtity college w/ a degree & had figured that one out! But if I was in your position perhaps I could have been persuaded to agree with your view.

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