1. Justin McCarthy says:

    We are already in a trade war. Wall Street, elites, the managerial class & China have been winning. The working class, the middle class and the future of america are losing.

    Globalism and ricardian economics are canards and a charade. It is nothing more than crony capitalism and collusion between global elites. “I will sell out my Country and working class if you will let me exploit your starving peasants”. I win, You make a lot of money and stay in power (China).

    The presumption that China, a 5000 year old civilization and the historical HEGEMON of aisa, was going to be our pet dragon is laughable. Nice dragon, roll over dragon LOL. now america has empowered a real potential challenger. Will go down as one of the most boneheaded geopolitical blunders of history.

    but, America does better when scared and threatened.

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