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  1. Alex Evanochko says:

    Thank you Mr. Hay for your column. You already know my views on the “transition” to a so-called “Greener Future”tm…I would like to add a bit more information. Massachusetts and New York want clean power from Quebec generated by Hydro-Electricity. I ask: How are those two states going to get power when the Hydroelectric dams are frozen solid by the coming Ice-Age? People scoff and that’s fine but did Texas this winter not provide a window into what is coming? And believe me, an Ice-Age IS coming…
    I’d also like to point out that devices that reduce IC Engine emissions by half already exist. I used to own such a device. It was given a registration number by the California EPA for it’s ability to reduce emissions, cut consumption of fuel by 1/3 and clean an engine as it ran…Unfortunately, the partners in the Company that made this catalytic converter squabbled and the Company ceased to exist yet the technology remains…Point is, there ARE technologies that we can use to reduce substantially the emissions arising from fossil fuel usage without destroying our ability to power our Societies, but alas, far dumber people are winning right now. I weep for Humanity. This, as with all un-thought-out, hare-brained schemes, will end in calamity until cooler, more wiser minds come to the fore. In the mean time, I hope most people here have a retreat in some warmer climes to fall back to. We’re all going to need a sanctuary from the Socialists…

  2. Rene Morand says:

    both articles are very thorough, thanks. Just some short comments:
    1. Deficits are too large. Why did we allow $1.5 trillion tax cuts for wealthy people in 2017? they didn’t need it, and it boosted the stock market, not the economy.
    2. For a national pandemic, we needed a national plan managed by professionals instead of 50 states doing their own thing.
    3. Anti-trust laws need to be enforced. Both amazon and facebook are monopolies — why aren’t they broken up?

  3. The comment about the USPS was ridiculous! all the damage there – the intentional sabotage by le joy – is a political attempt by trump’s stooge to hinder remote voting, whatever the costs to the country!!
    Regarding the main themes here: Yes, i understand, but see that there will be an effort made exactly to fix the grid, a necessity regardless. (_that_ will be fought tooth&nail by the republicans, financed by the wealthy owners of the status-quo industries!)
    as for inflation: yes, finance types come out ahead, but it is one of the less painful solutions to the debt mountain. and – our meagre opinion here – is that a couple trillion are not going to make any difference in the big picture.

  4. Paul goodson says:

    David Hay for President! Agree with everything you said David, with one small exception — there is no circular continuum from leftist ideologies to the right. The left is characterized by total government control, which includes socialism, communism, and facism, while the far right (if there is such a thing) would be a complete absence of government, which could be called libertarianism. These two do not meet.

    what are the investment considerations — short bonds, long hard assets, long alternative energy?

    What will happen when we eventually discover that carbon emissions are not the enemy and the real threat to climate is global cooling, caused by the 10,000 year solar cycle? This was discussed during the 1970s, when I was taking physics from Richard Feynman at Caltech. This will be a much greater threat to humanity than a bit of global warming.

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