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  1. Alex says:

    brilliantly written. Thank You very much.
    Could you Give Your opinion about EVS, And Tesla, in particular? Many reaDers would enjoy And be graTEful.

  2. Alex Evanochko says:

    I hate to be the one to pop people’s bubbles but Hydrogen is no panacea. Putting the Hindenburg incident aside ( and an exceptional demonstration of why Hydrogen as a fuel is so dangerous…), The ability of manufacturers, regardless of their care for quality of construction, to make absolutely gas-proof machines is questionable at best, not because they couldn’t make their machinery absolutely air & gas tight, but because the cost of doing so would be so astronomically expensive, it wouldn’t be worth the effort of making such a machine because no one would buy it.
    I also question why humanity is so adamant about reducing CO2 when one good volcanic eruption or one good season of forest fires puts out enough particulate matter and gases of all kinds to negate everything that humans have done in a decade to reduce the CO2 load in our atmosphere. As for that sudden global temperature increase, did the increase not coincide with the sudden quieting of our sun? Because there is always a boundary between two sources of heat (our Earth and the Sun), when one source cools, even relatively, the boundary will shift towards the cooler entity, which on a global scale would be space (temperature, absolute zero…), our solar system neighbours and our now cooling sun…So, colour me skeptical!!

  3. SVen ner says:

    ANother book you might enjoy is the moral case for fossil fuels by alex epstein

  4. ED HANDLEY says:


  5. benjamin green says:

    Thank you for this crystal clear explanation. I particularly like the metaphor in YOU’RE “thought Experiment”.

  6. Patrick stutz says:

    I did not check but i severely hope you used total return for the charts containing EPD….anything else would be hugely misleading

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