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  1. Peter Allenby says:

    David – The tripwire this time around is the Coronavirus outbreak. How do you figure this demand destroyer into a recovery scenario? Do you simply content this is part of the “bear stink” that causes you to hold your nose as you sift through the trash bin for bargains? Has oil under $20/bbl fully discounted the end of commerce for a while? Finally, the trillions being printed and spent to shore up the over-levered system surely are of concern are they not? Securities pickers, robe up, don your N-95 mask and dig in?

  2. We forgive your misuse of anthropomorphic. Just hope your college english professor does too.

    Good article; however, the unfortunate remedy is for a federal reserve that screwed things up to be even more active. ironic to say the least

  3. Ordinarily, we don’t want the government INTERFERING in business. So now in the midst of a minor crisis, we invite the government to serve our private interests? What will the long term costs of that be? This is a dangerous thing to do.

    We don’t want the government making money in a crisis. That’s what we should be doing. It is not proper for the government to own or sponsor corporations. This leads to cronyism and other forms of playing favorites.

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