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/ July 23, 2021

Regular EVA readers know that Grant Williams is not only a frequent contributor to the Guest editions of our newsletter, he’s also among my closest friends.  Thus, you should take what I’m about to say with a big shaker of salt:  I think he should be nominated, along with his key sources, for a Pulitzer Prize in investigative reporting.

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Fool me once…

/ July 16, 2021

Investors that have put their faith – and hard-earned dollars – in Chinese growth equities over the past few years can likely relate to this saying as Beijing has unleashed a series of rolling regulatory initiatives aimed at Chinese tech companies.

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Don’t Fear the Fed

/ July 2, 2021

One of Wall Street’s most hallowed phrases is “Don’t Fight the Fed” and for good reason. Whether it was the 2016 deflation scare, the stealth pre-Covid recession, or the pandemic itself, the Fed’s unlimited liquidity creation has triumphed over all threats to the US stock market.

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Is It Gold’s Turn to Shine?

/ June 4, 2021

For several years, Evergreen’s weekly publication of Likes/Dislikes has maintained gold and gold-mining stocks in our “Likes” category. However, despite our long-term conviction, at times we have conceded that the asset class looked overextended and, thus, advised some profit taking and rebalancing.

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