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The Anti-Bubble Years (Part II)

/ September 10, 2021

Returning back to the question that opened last week’s EVA, why, for nearly 40 years, was I almost always bullish to very bullish on bonds?  The cut-to-the-chase reason was that interest rates were largely positive even after inflation for most of that timeframe. 

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The Anti-Bubble Years (Part I)

/ September 3, 2021

Bubbles now get tremendous amounts of press. Their counterparts, however, don’t. In my 42 years of financial market experience, anti-bubbles are where immense amount of wealth are made and bubbles are where they are lost.

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A New Playbook for VC?

/ August 6, 2021

The modern venture capital (VC) industry emerged when two venture capital firms were founded in the wake of World War II: American Research and Development Corporation (ARDC) and J.H. Whitney & Company.

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/ July 23, 2021

Regular EVA readers know that Grant Williams is not only a frequent contributor to the Guest editions of our newsletter, he’s also among my closest friends.  Thus, you should take what I’m about to say with a big shaker of salt:  I think he should be nominated, along with his key sources, for a Pulitzer Prize in investigative reporting.

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