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  1. rick says:

    The Euless commentary hit home for me and I believe is most relevant in today’s current market environment. I did not learn as much from escaping without losing in the 2000 crash. I did learn a lot more from watching my advisor ride the crash down with our investments in his advisory (-40%) only to start selling low in order to trade American Airlines stock. I did not get back into the market for a long time missing a lot of potential gains. I went through the recency effect for sure. Now if a position hits its stop I am out!

  2. rick says:

    When I refer to losses of 40% I am referring to the second crash (2008-9).

  3. Perry Wilson says:

    this is my first event with EVA.
    Arguably elder Hay wins only because he is appealing to a larger sample size/audience – you learn that with age/experience.
    Eulberg is the thick neck all of them speak of (yes i did end that with “of”).
    Younger Hay has the theory down, but does he have the experience of both the testosterone based decisions of Eulberg and the feminine largess and estrogen drenched political correctness of his elder?
    I appreciate the competition for votes and respect the variety of opinion. That lends credence to the value that you provide for your clients.
    I look forward to future competitions and postings of performance both in the long and short term for this team of advisors.

  4. Gerry Wiley says:

    Tough choice. All are great presentations.

  5. Women definitely seem to be better at risk management than men, on average. The countervailing advantage of men is that they seem to do better when there is the possibility of pressing an edge and winning big, which may end up hurting others in the process. Many men will play the game hard; many women will not press their edge as hard, and will not win as often or as much. This applies more to CEOs than investors, but it helps explain why you have more men in the tails of the investing/business results distribution, and more women in the middle.

  6. Very interesting topic! Needless to say, useful.

    Keep up the good work.

    Also, like the new format.

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