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  1. Matt says:

    Always enjoy reading the information and appreciate the balanced (or opposing) views presented. On the Webinar format it would be great to have closed caption since some of us in the baby boom era probably heard too much boom 🙂

  2. Brian Burks says:

    Excellent webinar. Much easier for someone less educated on the markets to understand. Thank you

  3. I much prefer the written format. I can read text much faster than I can listen to spoken words, and I with text I can focus on topics of deeper interest and skim other material.

  4. Dr J says:

    Alas, I wasn’t able to view the webinar. Is it possible to download the slide deck? Thanks.

  5. Andy says:

    I thought David did a great job, and Can’t wait to hear more. Specific and actionable. Well done.

  6. David says:

    I am a big fan of the expanded information set presented. My ultimate and favored format would be for a transcript of the video to be presented, along with all of the graphs that were presented in the video. I can read stuff much faster than I can listen. But that quibble aside, I really like the expanded info set.

    One other comment. I love the charts you include, but they are a bit hard to read when you have more than 1 chart per page.

    Thank you for going the extra mile with the webinar. I for one appreciate the insight into how you think about the markets.

  7. Sam R says:

    Agree with Matt regarding the closed captioning or, at least, make the charts bigger. Also, like Matt, I thoroughly enjoy your commentaries and willingness to put your thoughts and knowledge out in view of the public in such a clear manner.

  8. Great presentation. Would love to see full size charts however… or downloadable.


  9. Ed Drake says:

    The elements of the GDP which pertained to the consumer were strong. Yet you appear to disregard this. If a reader new to investing read your epistles he or she would avoid equities and not invest. They would have missed many opportunities.You have a strong tendency to scare the reader. Articles from others in your organization have a much more thoughtful and positive tone.

  10. Steven Penticoff says:

    Thanks for a great update. The new format provides an excellent way to quickly convey the status of the market. I’m one of your recent signed-on clients and a long time EVA follower

    1. Lindsay Hall says:

      Thanks, Steven! We are happy to have you as both a client and an EVA reader.

  11. John Sloan
    Hi – I am deaf so could not understand a word – The graphs were rather small
    I need the printed transcript – even if one hears – oral talk goes much slowly -one can read the text faster – but more important one can print the text with graphs, and study it over and over – the oral version goes in one ear and out the other, that is if you can hear it.
    I consider the weekly report very important for understanding the markets.
    john sloan

  12. Albert G. says:

    I will follow your format (“on one hand” but “on the other hand”)…sorry, figure some humour never hurts especially when talking the economy and markets…

    The positive – I could listen to this while paying some online bills (with some quick flips back as necessary). The “other hand” – I spend just about all day in front of a computer for work (computer programmer) and would rather print something out late at night and sit in a recliner and slowly enjoy the read (my wife wonders how I do it). So actually prefer the printed version a lot more…thanks for the good input though. One of my favourite letters of the week.

  13. raf says:

    very good. Concise, balanced as to pros & cons, fine choice of graphs from a variety of institutions. Keep up the good work.

  14. Thomas Wolf says:

    Thank you. Love the webinar. Hope your RVTV fans are watching. Just want to say that MacroVoices podcast has put a shoutout to anyone who can help in recruiting you for an interview. So I respectfully pass along their request.

  15. Russ Kettell says:

    Unable to view this week’s webinar. Could you send it to me again please. Hate to miss it. Thanks

  16. Peter Matthews says:

    Excellent presentation. You put a lot of content into 18 minutes. I felt that you might be “cherry-picking” in the beginning when you were very skeptical about the employment number but fully accepting of the GDP number. However, the presentation was otherwise very well balanced. I look forward to future issues.

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