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  1. Scott Ten Eyck says:

    Thank you for the helpful presentation. I also liked the format. I would like to see the NDR ETF Speculator index now and then.

  2. John perris says:

    Every week in my Oregon county of 100k, on the local paper, there are about four houses being auctioned by banks, etc.

    Many have 4 or more years of default. Never so many in past years!

    Now, surprise, they are letting the little guy in on the deal. This is the end.

  3. Maureen M McKinnon says:

    Excellent..easy to read & thought-provoking keep it up

  4. Ray Miller says:

    I think that as many graphic presentations of your ideas that you can include are great. The farther back in time the graphs go, the better.

  5. Dick Edstrom says:

    This is very well done and easy to get through.
    I like this format because I can grab the sections I am most interested n first.

  6. Tony Street says:

    I like the new format. It is easier to follow and quicker to get through to my specific areas of interest for the week. It is also comforting to see that the broad, and widening, consensus of sound minds is that this “Bull” cannot run much further…

  7. Good format for crazy times. Could some of the unexplainable behavior of the markets reflect computerized trading?

  8. John Hupp says:

    Nice job. In like the format. A lot of take-aways. Thanks.

  9. Thomas Wolf says:

    You have always been most readable and explanatory, insightful and humorous, while providing valuable investing/market analysis. Honestly, I think I’m too obtuse to have noticed a style change. Your distinct ‘voice’ is what comes through and that’s what I hear. Guess you WERE always random 🙂 …I don’t see topics. I see a story. I want the story as you wish to tell it.

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