1. BRUCE BURWELL says:

    While I agree with most of your article, I don’t feel the future of tesla is as dependent on self driving as you imply. elon considers tesla to be a battery company first and has stated that his goal is to expand the ev industry including other makes as well. he aims to reduce costs by changing how vehicles are produced. The model 3 reduced the wiring from the s by approximately 8000 ft, which was very labor intensive. The cybertruck futher reduces cost by using spacex technology to stamp out stainless frame/body parts. but the biggest gains are expected in the most expensive component… the battery. Elon has hinted at a announcement of a significant breakthrough using technology from the maxwell aquisition early this year. he expects to reduce battery cost while increasing production and range in the near future. battery availablity is a problem for the entire industry that tesla hopes to improve. This could also have significant benefit to homes/busineses using the tesla powerwall enabling them to store power generated from renewable sources at a more reasonable cost.
    as current tesla model s owner, i am sceptical of full self driving vehicles in the near future. many of tesla’s over- the -air updates take a step backward as they try to make the car more responsive to ever changing condtions. Many situations, i.e. snow, unmarked neighborhood streets, motorcycle lane splitting, etc seem very difficult for a computer to properly interpret and respond to.

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