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  1. bruce T paulson says:

    Simply put: very good, Dave. Best I’ve seen in years.

  2. Bruce E. Coe says:

    sirens at the conclusion of your webinar. nice!

  3. Steve mck says:


  4. very comprehensive overview of the current bubble.

    I am not as confident as you that the fed will normalize rates, either due to fear or executive-branch pressure, but long rates are not in their control; hence, your prediction should be fulfilled one way or another.

    Also, the true inflation rate isn’t reflected in either the fed’s (no food or energy) or the Bls (hedonic adjustments) published rates. Both are self-serving. I estimate our real inflation has been over 7% these past few years, taking into account all expenditures.

    Thank you for this quality piece and for all the others you publish.

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