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  1. Robert Yerkes says:

    The athenians of antiquity had direct democracy. Two results: The admiral-politician themistocles, who had saved his city from the persians, was banished; socrates drank the hemlock.

    Average IQ is still 100. AI is set to displace swarms of mid level white collar workers. robots will replace many blue collar jobs. i shudder at the thought of direct democracy in a culture where majorities are unemployable and dependent upon the beneficence of the state.

  2. Eugene Murray says:

    It is now technically feasible to have a non-geographical REPRESENTATIVE democracy as the political SUPERSTRUCTURE. Thus, instead of being bound by my close neighbors’ votes, I am bound by my political party’s votes. In this way, LIBERTARIANS, socialists, and all groups can live in harmony, each bound by their own decisions.

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