1. Erwin H.O. Böckler says:

    Awesome data points!!! can there be any doubt that the riots in so many (far away=>unimportant) countries: chile, iraq, lebanon etc. are simply the foreboding of what will happen in the west’s more ‘modern’ (ie. important) economies: Europe, usa…. simply matter of time as these trends continue.
    we (us,eu) simply started farther ahead: economically, better infrastructure, less corruption, more formalized political structures…. but as time passes, the economic divide (and its empirical obviousness) grows…so will the crowds in the streets.
    so much should be obvious to all. my 2cents are that all the inaction by the body politic to climate change (which will greatly aggrevate the divide) will eventually be perceived as directly a result of the 1%ers wielding their control over politics to maintain a status quo ((whether T/F here or there won’t really matter))

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