1. bitcoin: i have college education; am senior => life experience. in my time i configured trading & risk systems & programmed interfaces between products of different vendors; own commodity & equity instruments…..
    for the life of me, i do not see bitcoin as anymore than a _blind_ betting system; see nothing – absolutely nothing – of value as bitcoin owner, “investor”. while i think bitcoin is a great anonymous $xfer technology, regret that speculators are ruining it due to uncertainty of output value vs. input value.
    buy stock in a company or contract for 5k bushels of corn & there are explicit (& implicit) factors, facts, circumstances that influence the perceived price of the underlying entity, that influence the perceived price of that instrument. buy bitcoin & you own….. nothing!!
    If the price of bitcoin goes up/down depends simply – & only – on the mood of the other punters. i’m going to build a more versatile slotmachine: You put in a 100$ bill & it will pay out the same $100; or a bit more/less, or.. a lot more/less, all dependent on the weather report of a randomly selected city in the world. it will be named the “bitbill” machine !=)

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