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  1. Knut gorm jorgensen says:

    YOu don’t mention The pOlitical situation which is throroughLy tOxid and a large source of future problems!

    OtherwisE a very, VERY well argued comment!

    HappenS to BE mOre bearish and a lIttle older than you!

    Cash is king!

  2. Bill Anderson says:

    They were called the nifty 50 Dave

  3. Knut gorm jorgensen says:

    Regarding oil:

    You have three “wet blankets” on the price of oil:

    1) the producers need the cash flow,

    2) society is trying to move to renewable resources, probably faster than the Energy demand is increasing,

    3) Technolgy is helping “frackers” to lOwer cost.

    Oil will probly trade in a wiDe range, $30 to $50, with a spike down to $20, when recession hIts, and above $100 on a spike, if “all Hell breaks out” in the middle east!

    There are obviously companIes making money As us oil Production increases, but i wouLd prefer companies which are not impacted by a large decLine in the geNeral Stock markeT!

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