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  1. Dennis Breen says:

    Very nice presentation, but nothing new there

  2. John r. Perris says:

    Where I live, roughly one house is foreclosed each week in thE paper. If you assume family has 100 coworkers, neighbors, and friends. That means 5,000 of the 130,000 population see the trouble the person is in, cut back a little.
    That is why spending is doWn, or why a boat or RV sits in the front yard for sale.
    Even Apple is laying some people off.

  3. dICK bENEDETTI says:

    great article. Loved the format.

  4. George Earle says:

    Really like the visual format!

  5. John says:

    Nice format guys. Thx.

  6. TOM PASLAY says:

    Would love to know the doomsday ALGORITHM the traders are using…because if they are all using the same basic formula…the crash will be across the board and fast, fast, fast.

  7. pedro lapresa bastida says:

    Thanks, very ilustrative.

  8. Very concise presentation. Although the narrative in past evas was informative and appreciated, this graphic was a timely change to demonstrate the excesses and unwarranted euphoria in today’s (domestic) market.

    Thanks, as always.

  9. richard bischoff says:

    Love your format; less reading and more visual

  10. Chris loudon says:

    Thanks for the always awesome analysis!

  11. I think the market is extremely overvalued, but I also think that we will see a classic blow-off top before the run ends. I expect that to occur between now and when the FED actually starts to sop up liquidity by reducing its balance sheet.

  12. Peter Matthews says:

    These infographics are great! They communicate a lot very quickly. I’m not sure of the purpose of the ones on the faang’s- they just tell me why i haven’t made much money – i don’t own these. how about one or two with interest rates, as these have certainly impacted p/e ratios?

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