1. Don Braswell says:

    Europe: You forgot option #4 for europe. the ECB buys whatever it wants, Italy applauds, Merkel “Fumes”, but the ecb doesn’t have to ask for permission, and the Ecb won’t ask for forgiveness. That’s the most likely, and has a precedent…
    Asian Prep: Absolutely correct on this. It seems that we’ve tried all the wrong solutions, so now we’ll try what works: cancelling parades is a good start (Lunar moon and mardi gras v. st. Patrick’s day); masks; testing (village of vo in italy comes to mind)
    American medical was no less, no more prepared than the european model – so why use european model? indeed your graph showing a decreased number of beds per thousand implies we need to keep our model – not copy theirs.
    no comment on effects on 5g infrastructure? who will trust china with their telecomms after this? didn’t they supply faulty tests?
    so now, we must win the war of the words against china, with europe as the “prize”. Russia is a non player except as a source of oil.
    final comment: sides don’t “win” wars. they prevail in armed conflicts, for a period of time. Phillip of macedon “won” the PELOPONNESian war, not sparta.

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